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From two men fishing near a pond, to robots on an excursion to Japanese art, Charlotte Taylor has proved why she’s referred to as the print-queen of the British fashion industry. The quirky abstractness in her prints for the spring 2012 season attaches the collection with desirable girly cuteness. Despite the feminine prints, the unpredictability lies in the non-existence of frills, lace and pink-hues. A sharp cut with a slight hint of tomboyishness is what it promotes. The collection is very on-trend as the ladylike midi-length of skirts and dresses address the Englishness of the label. Particularly loving the Peter Pan collared shirts teamed with Palazzo pants and fresh colours that’ll transform rather gracefully in day-to-night ensembles.

Something you’d wear to a tea party or a vintage dress-up, these outfits will make you want to ride a bike to the weekend markets, or maybe even revisit the ’60s with your girlfriends.

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